The Basics of Online Poker

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Online poker is a fun, easy-to-play game that rewards real skill. Its popularity has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many people turning to it for a low-stress alternative to live games.

When playing poker online, it is important to avoid distractions. This includes the TV, music, and family and friends.


If you’re new to poker, the rules of the game can seem confusing. However, they are simple to understand once you learn the basics. You can then move on to more complicated strategies.

In pot-limit games, players may check (not place a bet); call; or raise. The raise must be equal to or greater than the previous high bet. In fixed-limit games, raises are limited to a specific amount.

Stalling is a common strategy in tournaments. Although the TDA cannot enforce any set rules in this area, they do make procedural recommendations for tournament operators. This will help limit the number of stallers and speed up play.


There are many different poker game variants, but most players stick to Texas Hold’em in online and live games. This popular variation is easy to learn and has simple hand rankings.

Some game variants have more complex rules and strategies. For example, HORSE is a mixed game that includes Texas Hold’em, Omaha high-low, Razz, and Seven Card Stud eight-or-better. This game can be a little complicated to master, but it is still a fun variation of poker.

Another fun poker variation is Pineapple. This game is similar to Hold’em, but it allows for players to receive one extra preflop hole card. It’s not as popular as other poker games, but it is an excellent choice for casual home games.

Betting intervals

A betting interval is when a player makes a bet of one or more chips. Each player must either call the bet with the same number of chips, raise it, or drop. If a player doesn’t want to call, they can “check,” which means that they are making a bet of nothing.

Unlike live poker, online players must rely on their knowledge of the game and its rules to make decisions. They also need to be able to read their opponents’ tells without seeing them. This requires a different set of skills than reading physical telegraphs. There are two key options for playing poker online: tournaments and cash games.


When one player makes an all-in move in poker, the other players must match that amount with whatever is left in their stack. This is a rule known as “table stakes,” and it prevents rich players from bullying poorer opponents. This is especially important in no-limit games.

Depending on the situation, an all-in can be a good or bad strategy. It is best to analyze your opponent’s stack size and make the decision accordingly. You can also use your knowledge of pot odds to increase your chances of winning the hand. However, remember that poker also involves some luck. So don’t be afraid to bluff.


Online poker sites make money by taking a small percentage of each pot. This small amount adds up quickly. This is called rake. Unlike traditional casinos, online poker rooms don’t earn interest on players’ deposits.

The best online poker sites offer a variety of games and stakes. They have great traffic and support a range of currencies, making them ideal for players from across the world.

Limit poker online is easier to play than no-limit and has better win rates than live games. However, you should be prepared to play against some very bad players. NL2 tables typically have the highest volume and are the easiest to find at peak hours.

Pot odds

Pot odds are one of the most important poker concepts every player should understand. They are the ratio of the total amount in the pot to the size of a wager you have to make to continue your hand. If you don’t know the pot odds, you can’t evaluate your own hand’s value and make a correct decision.

It is crucial to consider the amount of outs your opponent has gained on future streets when calculating pot odds. This will help you decide if your equity is worth calling with your draw on the turn or river. In addition, the pot size should be in clear view at all times to make it easy to calculate pot odds.

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